Our Mission

With the growing epidemic of diabetes and obesity in the United States, our Institute was founded in the quest to achieve the following:

  • Reduce diabetes and obesity incidence nationally through education, treatment and prevention.
  • Conduct and share groundbreaking clinical trials and research.
  • Find a cure for diabetes and obesity.
  • Address healthcare disparities in underserved populations.

With Mississippi at the center of the diabetes and obesity epidemic, having over a third of its residents diagnosed with diabetes, prediabetes and/or obesity, Tradition, Mississippi was selected as the site for this state-of-art research institute.

The National Diabetes & Obesity Research Institute (NDORI) is a central element of the 150-acre Learning Medical City at Tradition, located on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. NDORI is a 501(c)3 organization and is led by a board of directors. NDORI is developing the necessary infrastructure to offer diabetes and obesity clinical research, including clinical trials, disease-based registries and treatment-based algorithms. The world-class research center and its programs are being developed in conjunction with strategic affiliations, local and regional healthcare providers, educational institutions such as William Carey University and Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College with expertise in medical and research fields, as well as local, state and federal agencies, which are all critical to NDORI’s success.

Our board and capable staff are committed to accomplishing the mission at hand, which is to create the BEST diabetes and obesity research institute in America and to help find a cure for diabetes. NDORI’s education programs are accredited by the American Association of Diabetes Educators.